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Public consultation on overcoming obstacles in border regions launched by the European Commission

EU Commissioner Corina Cretu for Regional and Urban Policy launched a public consultation on overcoming obstacles in border regions.

Numerous legal and administrative borders still exist and add a burden on cross border activities. As a result, a significant economic potential remains untapped in our border regions. With this public consultation, the Commission will be able to take stock of the opinion of 185 million EU citizens living in border regions in regards to the obstacles they are facing in their everyday life and their suggestions on how to overcome them.

The consultation is running from 21 September to 21 December 2015.
The results will be made publicly available online in the beginning of 2016, and will also feed into a study which aims to produce conclusions and practical suggestions on how the EU and its partners can ease remaining obstacles.

The South Baltic community is kindly invited to participate in the public consultation here:

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