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Happy Birthday, Interreg!

2015 marks the 25 anniversary of European Territorial Cooperation.

Back in 1990, still in its fledgling stage, Interreg opened opportunities for cooperation across borders between 11 Member States. Ever since then, its popularity has been growing by leaps and bounds. Today, Interreg unites regions of 28 Member States with an overall budget of 10,1 bn EUR. Combining knowledge and resources across borders, wrapped with the will to cooperate is what has become the recipe for tackling common challenges and seizing broader opportunities. The 25th anniversary inspired a number of Europeans to share their Interreg stories in a number of festivities across the continent, which culminated in a celebratory event organised by the Luxembourg presidency of the Council of the European Union, the European Commission and the INTERACT Programme.

The South Baltic Programme marked the occasion on the Danish islands of Bornholm and Zealand as part of the Annual Fund Fair on Bornholm and the Interreg project development day in Sorø. On Bornhom, Mayor John Braedder of Guldborgsund and South Baltic Monitoring Committee Member Niels Chresten Andersen have praised the cooperation efforts across the South Baltic shores which have manifested in tangible benefits for our fellow-citizens and the environment. Project Officer Jakub Fedorowicz and Zealand Contact Point Mette Bonde, who represented the South Baltic Programme in Sorø, have also introduced the South Baltic movie teaser which was released on 21st September to mark the European Cooperation Day and the 25th Anniversary. Catch a glimps of Programme results narrated by end-users here»

Interreg stories were also televised by Le Dessous des Cartes, a weekly broadcast on geopolitics (Franco-German TV channel ARTE). The show is available in English, French and German. Watch it here»

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