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Looking for future funding opportunities in the South Baltic area? Share your project idea with us now!

The South Baltic Programme has launched an online tool to collect project ideas for the 2014-2020 round of funding.

With the current South Baltic Programme coming shortly to an end, the Programme is now seeking for new project ideas that can apply for the next round of funding available for the South Baltic community in 2014-2020. In the next seven years the Programme will be seeking for proposals to activate the potential for blue and green growth through cross-border cooperation of organisations from the South Baltic regions. Interested organisations that wish to see if their ideas fit the Programme’s goals are invited to submit their project ideas via dedicated online tool. The tool has been designed to allow for consulting ideas with the Programme's secretariat as well as to match organisations that are looking at cross-border cooperation in the future. Based on the submitted information, the Programme will provide initial feedback followed by individual consultations that are planned to be held in Spring 2015.

It is advisable that interested organisations read the draft South Baltic Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2014-2020 carefully before submitting a project idea.

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