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Content of the draft Cooperation Programme for 2014-2020 agreed by the Joint Programming Committee

By agreeing on the content of the draft Cooperation Programme (CP), the Joint Programming Committee (JPC) has reached an important milestone of the preparatory works for the South Baltic Programme 2014-2020.

As decided by the Programme partners from Denmark, Lithuania, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Poland, Sweden and the Euroregions on 18 March 2014 in Palanga (LT), the strategic objective of blue and green growth shall guide future cooperation initiatives across the shores of the South Baltic. Under the umbrella of the area’s blue and green economy, selected sectors which are key for the prosperity of the participating regions, e.g. sustainable tourism, renewable energies and the maritime industries, will thus be at the heart of the future Programme. By giving emphasis to the joint development, testing and transfer of innovative solutions, the Programme aims at unlocking untapped development potentials for the benefit of these sectors, accompanied by measures strengthening the cooperation capacity of local institutions. For the upcoming consultations, the following set of thematic priorities has been adopted by the programming community, designed to translate the piloting character of the Programme into concrete cooperation action:

Thematic Objective

Investment Priority

Specific Objective (draft)

Enhancing the competitiveness of SMEs

developing and implementing new business models for SMEs, in particular with regard to  internationalisation

increase the presence of blue and green sector SMEs from the South Baltic area on international markets through joint cross-border actions

supporting the capacity of SMEs to grow in regional, national and international markets, and to engage in growth and innovation processes

improve the transfer of innovation for the benefit of blue and green sector SMEs through joint cross-border actions

Protecting the environment and promoting resource efficiency

conserving, protecting, promoting and developing natural and cultural heritage

increased development of the South Baltic area’s natural and cultural heritage assets into sustainable tourist destinations

promoting innovative technologies in to improve environmental protection and resource efficiency in the waste sector, water sector and with regard to soil, or to reduce air pollution

increased use of green technologies in order to decrease the pollution discharges in the South Baltic area

Promoting sustainable transport and removing bottlenecks in key network infrastructures

 developing and improving environment-friendly (including low-noise) and low-carbon transport systems, including inland waterways and maritime transportriver and sea transport, ports, and multimodal links and airport infrastructure, in order to promote sustainable regional and local mobility

improve the quality and environmental sustainability of transport services in the South Baltic area

Promoting employment and supporting labour mobility

promoting sustainable and quality employment and supporting labour mobility by integrating cross-border labour markets, including cross-border mobility, joint local employment initiatives, information and advisory services and joint training

increase the share of skilled labour force working in the blue and green economy sectors of the South Baltic area through joint cross-border actions

Enhancing institutional capacity and an efficient public administration

enhancing institutional capacity of public authorities and stakeholders and efficient public administration by promoting legal and administrative cooperation and cooperation between citizens and institutions

improve the cooperation capacity of local South Baltic area actors through participation in cross-border networks

Altogether, approximately 80 million EUR will be made available for the next generation of South Baltic cross-border cooperation projects. The public consultations on the draft Cooperation Programme shall be launched in June 2014. Please consult the Programme website to stay informed about the latest news and developments.

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