Seed money facility: apply for funding for project development

By providing seed money to potential South Baltic partnerships, the development of high quality projects for the regular calls for proposals shall be facilitated.  Despite the facility’s focus on project concepts for the future South Baltic Programme 2014-2020, please note that the rules of the South Baltic Programme 2007-2013 will thus be applicable to the seed money projects. The valid version of the Programme Manual can be found here»

The total budget of a seed money project shall not exceed EUR 40 000 in total (EUR 30 000 – 34 000 ERDF, dependent on the co-financing rate, i.e. 75 or 85% - see section "How much funding can I receive" here»).

  • Deadline for submitting applications for seed money: 30 April 2015, 4.00 pm CET
  • Download the application pack here»
  • Download the subsidy contract template here»
  • Download the draft cooperation programme 2014-2020 here»
  • Download the co-financing statement template here»

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